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      the nutmeg family of the magnolia order (Magnoliales), best known for the fragrant, spicy seeds of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans). The family contains 15 other genera and about 380 species of evergreen trees found throughout moist tropical lowlands. Most species have fragrant wood and leaves. The trees, which are often large, have either male or female petalless flowers, the united sepals of which form a three- to five-lobed funnel or cup. Male flowers have 2 to 20 united stamens; female flowers have a single ovary with one ovule (potential seed). A fleshy covering, known as an aril, surrounds the fluted seed, which has much endosperm (starchy nutritive tissue for the developing embryo). The simple leaves have smooth margins and are alternately arranged along the stem.

      The 30-metre (100-foot) Central American tree known as Virola guatemalense produces seeds used in flavouring and in the manufacture of candles; the whorled young branches are utilized as eggbeaters. Many of the approximately 38 species of the genus Virola provide lumber for local use.

      Other genera of the family Myristicaceae are sources of oils, waxes, soaps, and timber. See also mace; nutmeg.

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