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 extinct genus of primitive mammals (mammal) that represent a very early stage in the evolution of elephants (elephant). Its fossils are found in deposits dated to the Eocene Epoch (55.8–33.9 million years ago) and the early part of the Oligocene Epoch (33.9–23 million years ago) in northern Africa. Moeritherium did not resemble living elephants. It was about as large as a tapir. It had short, strong legs, a relatively long body, and a short tail. The feet of Moeritherium were broad and terminated in flat-hoofed toes. The skull and cheekbone were long, and the eyes were set very far forward. The nasal openings were located on the upper side of the skull, but it is unlikely that an elephantine trunk was present; at most, Moeritherium had a short, flexible proboscis much like that of tapirs. The front incisors were strongly developed in upper and lower jaws, and they represent a stage in the development of the familiar elephant tusks. Strong neck muscles were attached to the broad back end of the skull. Moeritherium inhabited marshy regions and was at least partly aquatic, feeding on vegetation.

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