(Hebrew: “Festival”), second of the six major divisions, or orders (sedarim), of the Mishna (codification of Jewish oral laws), which was completed early in the 3rd century AD by Judah ha-Nasi. Moʿed deals with the observance of major and minor religious holidays and consists of 12 tractates (treatises): Shabbat (“Sabbath”), ʿEruvin (“Blendings”), Pesaḥim (“Paschal Lambs”), Sheqalim (“Shekels”), Yoma (“The Day”; i.e., Yom Kippur), Sukka (“Booth”), Betza (“Egg”), Rosh Hashana (“New Year”), Taʿanit (“Fast”), Megilla (“Scroll”), Moʿed qaṭan (“Minor Festival”), and Ḥagiga (“Festival Offering”). The Palestinian Talmud has Gemara (critical commentaries) on all 12 tractates and the Babylonian Talmud on all but Sheqalim.

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