Menshikov, Aleksandr Danilovich

Menshikov, Aleksandr Danilovich

▪ Russian statesman
born Nov. 16 [Nov. 6, old style], 1673, Moscow
died Nov. 23 [Nov. 12, O.S.], 1729, Berezov, Siberia, Russian Empire

      prominent Russian political figure during and after the reign of Peter I the Great. A gifted general and administrator, he eventually became the most powerful official in the empire, but his insatiable greed and ambition ultimately resulted in his downfall.

      Of humble origins, Menshikov became an orderly for Peter I in 1686 and soon became the tsar's favourite. As a commander during the Northern War against the Swedes after 1700, he scored a number of major victories, eventually receiving the title of field marshal. But he also gave increasing evidence of rapacity. As an administrator after 1714, he was under almost continuous investigation for corrupt practices; and, were it not for his indispensable abilities, he would likely have been stripped of power much earlier than he was.

      Having fallen into disgrace toward the end of Peter's reign, Menshikov succeeded in having his ally Catherine, Peter's widow, named empress in 1725, at which point he became virtual ruler of Russia. When Catherine became mortally ill two years later he threw his support to Pyotr Alexeyevich, Peter the Great's grandson, and arranged to have his daughter marry the young tsar, now Peter II. However, his enemies managed to turn Peter II against him, whereupon he was arrested, stripped of his rank and property, and sent to Siberia, where he died.

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