Margaret Maultasch

Margaret Maultasch

▪ countess of Tirol
also called  Margaret Of Tirol,  German  Margarete Maultasch, or Margarete Von Tirol 
born 1318
died Oct. 3, 1369, Vienna

      countess of Tirol, whose efforts to keep Tirol in the possession of her family failed after two unsuccessful marriages, forcing her to cede her lands to the Austrian Habsburgs. (She was called Maultasch, “mouth pocket,” because of her deformed jaw.)

      The daughter of Henry, duke of Carinthia and count of Tirol, Margaret was married to the nine-year-old John Henry of Luxembourg in 1330. On her father's death (1335), she and her husband inherited Tirol but were forced to cede Carinthia to the House of Habsburg. The Tirolese, unhappy with the government of Charles (later the Holy Roman emperor Charles IV), brother of John Henry, allied themselves with Margaret, whose marriage was childless and unhappy, and in 1341 expelled John Henry. The emperor Louis IV the Bavarian annulled Margaret's first marriage in 1342 and gave her a new husband, his own son Louis, margrave of Brandenburg. These proceedings infuriated the papacy and aggrieved the House of Luxembourg as well as the Habsburgs (who still coveted Tirol). The Tirolese also rose against their rulers, but their rebellion was suppressed. After the deposition of Louis the Bavarian (1346), Charles IV was elected in his stead and acquiesced in the status quo in Tirol. Margaret's husband died in 1361 and her only son, Meinhard, in 1363. The Habsburg Rudolf IV thereupon induced Margaret to cede Tirol to his house. Retiring to Vienna, she died there six years later.

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