Lovat, Simon Fraser, 11th Lord

Lovat, Simon Fraser, 11th Lord

▪ Scottish Jacobite
born c. 1667
died April 9, 1747, London, Eng.

      Scottish Jacobite, chief of clan Fraser, noted for his violent feuds and changes of allegiance.

      Grandson of the 7th Lord Lovat, Simon Fraser persuaded the weak 9th Lord Lovat to settle the liferent of his estates on his father in 1696, but the destination of the estates had already been settled in favour of Lovat's daughters. After the death of the 9th lord, Simon Fraser forcibly married the dowager Lady Lovat and thus incurred a long and bitter feud with her kinsmen, the Murrays of Atholl. As a consequence, in 1698 Simon was tried and sentenced to death, but through the intercession of the Earl of Argyll he won a pardon from William III. It was not a complete pardon, however, and in 1701 Fraser was tried for the “rapt” of Lady Lovat. For failing to stand trial he was once more outlawed. After spending some time in London he crossed to France, where he soon made contact with the court of the exiled Stuarts.

      Simon Fraser returned to Scotland in 1703 on a Jacobite mission that he betrayed to the Duke of Queensberry, head of the Scottish ministry. Fraser's treachery leaked out, and on his return to France he was held captive for 10 years. He escaped and in 1715 returned to Scotland, where he rendered good service to the government. For this he was pardoned and granted a liferent of the coveted estates. Not content with this, he strove to gain the full title, successfully securing the Lovat title in 1730 and complete possession of the estates in 1733.

      Lovat hoped for greater rewards if the Stuarts were restored, and he was largely instrumental in founding (1739) the Jacobite Association. In 1740 he was secretly created duke of Fraser by James Edward, the Old Pretender. But Prince Charles Edward's failure to bring arms and troops with him in 1745 nonplussed Lovat. He forced his son Simon to join the rebels while he himself pretended loyalty to George II. After the Jacobite victory at Prestonpans, however, Lovat openly espoused the Stuart cause, although he played no appreciable part in the rebellion. After the Jacobite defeat at Culloden he urged Charles Edward, the Young Pretender, to continue the campaign; but all was lost, and Lovat was eventually captured. He was condemned by the House of Lords on March 18, 1747, and, with a great show of bravado to the last, was executed on Tower Hill, London.

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