Longfield, Mountifort

Longfield, Mountifort

▪ Irish economist
born 1802, Desert Serges, or Desert Magee, County Cork, Ireland
died November 21, 1884, Dublin

      Irish judge, economist, and the first professor of political economy at Trinity College, Dublin.

      In his varied career, Longfield served as a property lawyer, a professor of law at Trinity College (1834), and a judge of the Irish landed estates court. He became a member of the Irish privy council in 1867 and was instrumental in drafting bills concerning Ireland that had been proposed by the administrations of William Gladstone (Gladstone, William Ewart).

      He rivaled British economist David Ricardo (Ricardo, David)'s influence, especially Ricardo's notion that value is determined by the labour required to provide a good or service. Longfield's work suggested that value was determined by supply and demand (based upon consumer satisfaction), while distribution would be determined by factor productivity.

      Longfield rejected the belief (postulated by Ricardo and Thomas Malthus (Malthus, Thomas Robert)) that wages would remain stuck at a subsistence level. He argued instead that the “wages of the labourer depend upon the value of his labour and not upon his wants.” Longfield was optimistic about future economic growth, and, contrary to Malthus, he believed that technical progress in agriculture would offset the effects of increased population. Such optimism turned out to be justified.

      Longfield's views on international trade were less fully developed, but it seems clear that he understood the importance of reciprocal demand (the demand of each country for the exports of the other) in determining both the terms of trade and the types of goods that are traded. He also wrote on monetary matters, endorsing an approach to monetary control that was less rigid than that of the currency school. Closer to home, Longfield studied the problems associated with Irish absentee landlords, and he favoured the introduction of a Poor Law in Ireland that would be based along the lines of the 1834 English Poor Law.

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