Liberal Republican Party

Liberal Republican Party

      insurgent reform wing of the U.S. Republican Party that challenged what it considered the corruption of President Ulysses S. Grant (Grant, Ulysses S.)'s administration by nominating a rival slate of candidates in the national election of November 1872. Led by such prominent Americans as senators Charles Sumner and Carl Schurz and editor Horace Greeley (Greeley, Horace), the dissidents resisted Grant's renomination for the presidency, claiming that his first term in office was corrupt and inefficient. Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, in May 1872, the Liberal Republicans nominated Greeley for president and won the support of the Democratic Party by adopting a platform advocating governmental reform, particularly in the areas of civil service, lower tariffs, and a more conciliatory Reconstruction policy toward the South. Despite Democratic support, the Liberals were easily defeated by the regular Republican ticket in a climate of post-Civil War complacency and business prosperity. Grant was goaded, however, into advocating several of their proposals during his second term.

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