Leeds, Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of, Marquess of Carmarthen, Earl of Danby, Viscount Latimer of Danby, Viscount Osborne of Dunblane, Baron Osborne of Kiveton

Leeds, Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of, Marquess of Carmarthen, Earl of Danby, Viscount Latimer of Danby, Viscount Osborne of Dunblane, Baron Osborne of Kiveton

▪ English statesman
also called (1647–73)  Sir Thomas Osborne, 2nd Baronet 
born Feb. 20, 1632
died July 26, 1712, Easton Neston, Northamptonshire, Eng.

      English statesman who, while chief minister to King Charles II, organized the Tories in Parliament. In addition he played a key role in bringing William (William III) and Mary to the English throne in 1689.

      The son of a Royalist Yorkshire landowner, Osborne did not become active in politics until Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660. He then held local posts in Yorkshire, and in 1665 he won a seat in Parliament. Advancing in office through the patronage of the influential George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, Osborne became joint treasurer of the Royal Navy in 1668 and lord treasurer of England in 1673. His success in stabilizing the government's financial position soon made him Charles's chief minister and earned him the title Earl of Danby (June 1674).

      Danby set about using crown patronage and bribery to build in Parliament a court party based on royal (as opposed to parliamentary) supremacy, hostility to France, and strict Anglicanism (especially through enforcement of the Test Act, which required that all those seeking public office take oaths designed to be unacceptable to Catholic and to Nonconformist Protestant conscience and that they receive holy communion in the Church of England). As part of his anti-French and pro-Protestant policy, he engineered a marriage (1677) between Princess Mary, Charles's niece, and William of Orange, stadholder of Holland, the foremost opponent of France on the European continent. At the same time, Charles made him secretly obtain a yearly subsidy from the French king Louis XIV. When this was made public in 1678, against the background of a nation alarmed by the Popish Plot, Danby was immediately impeached by Parliament and committed (1679) to the Tower of London.

      Released in 1684, he returned to politics in June 1688, when he and six other conspirators invited William of Orange to invade England and seize power from the Roman Catholic king James II. Danby raised northern England in support of William's cause, and he helped persuade the Convention Parliament of 1689 to make William and Mary joint sovereigns of England (though he initially favoured making Mary alone the reigning sovereign). By the spring of 1690 he had virtually reestablished himself as chief minister in the new regime. For the next four years Danby managed to maintain an uneasy balance among the feuding factions at William's court.

      He was created Duke of Leeds in 1694, but in 1695 he was impeached by Parliament for taking a bribe from the East India Company. Danby's influence thereafter declined. In 1699 he was deprived of all his offices.

Additional Reading
Andrew Browning, Thomas Osborne, Earl of Danby and Duke of Leeds, 1632–1712, 3 vol. (1944–51).

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