Lambert, François

Lambert, François

▪ French religious reformer
in full  François Lambert d'Avignon  
born 1486, Avignon, France
died April 18, 1530, Frankenberg-Eder, Hesse [Germany]

      Protestant (Protestant Heritage) convert from Roman Catholicism and leading reformer in Hesse.

      At age 15 Lambert entered the Franciscan community at Avignon, France. Sometime after 1517 he became an itinerant friar, traveling through France, Italy, and Switzerland. He left the Franciscans permanently in 1522 after reading some of Martin Luther (Luther, Martin)'s writings, although he withheld commitment from both Luther and the Swiss Reformer Huldrych Zwingli (Zwingli, Huldrych).

      After a meeting with Luther in Wittenberg, Germany, where he had gone to lecture, Lambert returned to Strasbourg in 1524 to preach Reformation notions to the French-speaking population. There he encountered the reformer Jakob Sturm, who recommended him to the landgrave Philip of Hesse (Philip), the German prince most favourably inclined toward the Reformation. Encouraged by Philip, Lambert drafted Reformatio ecclesiarum Hassiae (“The Reformation of the Churches of Hesse”), which was submitted by Philip to the synod at Homberg (1526). Lambert's document called for democratic principles of congregational representation in church government, by which pastors were to be elected by their congregations. He believed he was expressing Luther's views, including the abolition of bishoprics, but Luther and his adherents pronounced the plan too democratic, and Philip abandoned it. Nevertheless, Lambert's influence persisted in Hesse, where with Philip's assent the Anabaptists, firm advocates of congregationalism, were permitted to flourish. In 1527 Philip founded the University of Marburg and recognized Lambert's service by appointing him head of the theological faculty.

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