Kuma-Manych Depression

Kuma-Manych Depression

▪ geological feature, Russia
also called  Manych, or Manyč,  Russian  Kumo-manychskaya Vpadina,  

      geologic depression in western Russia that divides the Russian Plain (north) from the North Caucasus foreland (south). It is often regarded as the natural boundary between Europe and Asia.

      The depression runs northwest-southeast from the Don River valley to the Caspian lowlands. It is generally 12–19 miles (20–30 km) wide, though in the centre it is in places reduced to a mile or less. Its course is characterized by numerous salt lakes, such as the Manych-Gudilo, which is joined by canal to the Zapadny (Western) Manych River, a tributary of the Don. The Zapadny Manych drains the western part of the depression; the east is drained by the Vostochny Manych and lower Kuma rivers. The intermittent flow of the rivers was augmented in the mid-20th century by the construction of the Kuma-Manych Canal, which is, in turn, fed by the Terek-Kuma Canal to the south. Much of this water is spent in crop irrigation. The vegetation is typically feather grass and other semiarid types.

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