Kaufmann, Konstantin Petrovich

Kaufmann, Konstantin Petrovich

▪ Russian general
born March 2 [Feb. 19, Old Style], 1818, Majdany, near Deblin, Pol.
died May 16 [May 4], 1882, Tashkent, Russian Empire [now in Uzbekistan]
 general who conquered vast territories in Central Asia for the Russian Empire and ruled Russian Turkistan for two decades.

      Having been trained as an engineer, Kaufmann served in the Caucasus in the early years of his military career (1840s), commanded a sappers' battalion during the Crimean War (1853–56), and then became attached to the war ministry. In 1865 he was appointed governor-general of Lithuania. He was transferred in 1867 to Turkistan, where Russia was conducting an active policy of expansion.

      As the first governor-general of Turkistan, Kaufmann assumed command of the military campaigns against neighbouring lands. He captured the city of Samarkand in 1868 and made the khanate of Bukhara (located to the north of Afghanistan) a Russian protectorate that same year. In 1873 he occupied the khanate of Khiva (located between Bukhara and the Caspian Sea), and Russia gained all of that khanate's territory north of the Amu Darya. In 1875 Kaufman occupied the khanate of Kokand (northeast of Bukhara), allowing Russia to annex it in 1876. Kaufmann's military successes, however, brought protests from the British government, which considered that its interests in Afghanistan were threatened by Russian expansion, and Alexander II, emperor of Russia, refused to support further advances planned by Kaufmann. Although Kaufmann continued to engage in less spectacular expansionist activities, he concentrated on developing his skills as an administrator. Instituting far-reaching reforms, including land reform, he capably governed Turkistan until his death.

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