joking relationship

joking relationship

      relationship between two individuals or groups that allows or requires unusually free verbal or physical interaction. The relationship may be mutual (symmetrical) or formalized in such a way that one person or group does the teasing and the other is not allowed to retaliate (asymmetrical). The type of interaction varies and may include light teasing, chastisement, verbal abuse, sexual ribaldry, or horseplay.

      Joking relationships generally occur in one of three forms, all of which are generally found in situations in which conflict or rivalry is possible but must be avoided. In one form, it is used as an instrument of social sanction, with the joker calling public attention to an individual or a group that has behaved in a socially unacceptable way. When such a relationship obtains between groups, the jocularity or critique, although disrespectful, expresses the separateness of the groups in a manner that averts actual conflict.

      The second form of joking relationship is often found in association with the avoidance relationship, which limits direct personal contact and maintains an extreme degree of respect between categories of people. In such cases, joking relationships are typically prescribed between people of opposite sex who are potential partners in marriage or sexual relations, while avoidance relations are required between persons of opposite sex for whom marital or sexual relations are forbidden. Both of these customs—viewed as points along a continuum of respectful behaviour ranging from avoidance to license—act to stabilize relations that might be subject to conflict. For example, in many cultures a man must avoid his mother-in-law and joke with his sisters-in-law, while a woman must avoid her father-in-law and joke with her brothers-in-law.

      The third common form of joking relationship occurs between people of alternating generations. In these cases, grandparents and grandchildren share an especially fond relationship that is characterized by interactions ranging from gentle teasing to explicit or ribald descriptions of one another's body parts or bodily functions. In contrast, relationships between parents and children tend to be more formal and oriented toward discipline. As with the other forms, this kind of joking relationship separates people into those from whom one may expect social support and those from whom one may expect social sanction.

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