Jing Hao

Jing Hao

▪ Chinese artist
Wade-Giles romanization  Ching Hao , also called  Hongguzi 
flourished 910–950, Qinshui, Shanxi province, China

      important landscape painter and essayist of the Five Dynasties (907–960) period.

      Jing spent much of his life in retirement as a farmer in the Taihang Mountains of Shanxi province. In his art, Jing followed the court painters of the Tang dynasty (618–907) in emphasizing the singular grandeur of the landscape. There are two paintings attributed to him: Mount Kuanglu and Travelers in a Snowy Landscape. An essay attributed to him, "Bifaji" (“Record of Brush Methods”), describes the aims, ideals, and methods of the classical landscape painter who is in harmony with nature. It had considerable influence on the aesthetics of landscape painting in the Song dynasty and in later traditions. Jing (Jing Hao)'s Northern Song landscape style, which used bold compositions and crisply drawn lines to depict precipitous mountain crags, contrasted with the softer and more atmospheric effects favoured by artists in southern China. This technical innovation (called cun fa) of using both brush and ink may have been his most important contribution.

      Jing is said to have been the teacher of Guan Tong, who was in turn followed by another famous master, Li Cheng. These three artists are among the first distinctive masters of the school of monumental landscape painting that came to maturity in the Northern Song period.

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