Japanese Orthodox church

Japanese Orthodox church

      autonomous body of the Eastern Orthodox church, in canonical relation with the patriarchate of Moscow, which confirms the election of the metropolitan of Tokyo. The Japanese Orthodox church was created by the efforts of an outstanding missionary, Nikolay Kasatkin (Nikolay Kasatkin, Saint) (1836–1912), who became the first Orthodox archbishop of Japan and was canonized a saint in 1970.

      Since the beginning of the mission (1872), the church was never dependent upon foreign missionary personnel. Japanese priests are ordained for being trained in a seminary in Tokyo, and an assembly of clergy and laity is in full control of the affairs of the church. This indigenous character of Japanese Orthodoxy permitted it to survive several political trials and periods of isolation, such as the Russo-Japanese War and the two World Wars. Between 1945 and 1970 the church was under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Russian metropolitanate of America. In 1970 it received a permanent autonomous statute from the patriarchate of Moscow, its mother church. The Orthodox cathedral of Tokyo—called Nikolay Cathedral, for its founder, Nikolay Kasatkin—is one of the largest religious buildings in the Japanese capital. The church, numbering about 30,000 members, has dioceses in Tokyo, Kyōto, and Sendai.

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