▪ king of Egypt
also spelled  Haremhab  
flourished 13th century BCE

      last king (reigned 1319–1292 BCE) of the 18th dynasty (Egypt, ancient) of ancient Egypt (Egypt, ancient); he continued the restoration of the traditional Amon religion that a previous ruler, Akhenaton, had replaced with the worship of the god Aton.

      Having served as commander of the army under Tutankhamen, Horemheb came to the throne after the ephemeral reign of Ay and completed the dismantling of the temples of the Aton built at Karnak in order to suppress what was considered an aberrant religion. At the same time, he restored many of the damaged reliefs and statues portraying the god Amon and erected three of the largest pylons at Karnak, as well as several other significant monuments in the Theban (Thebes) area. His queen was Mutnodjmet, who may have had familial ties with earlier royal women of the late 18th dynasty; however, this did not prevent Horemheb from systematically usurping the monuments of Tutankhamen and Ay by carving his name over theirs. Henceforth their names, and that of Akhenaton, were stricken from the official king lists and their combined reigns subsumed under that of Horemheb. Another military man, the general Ramses I, served as Horemheb's vizier and became his successor, founding the 19th dynasty (Egypt, ancient) (1292–1190 BCE).

      A large tomb built by Horemheb before he took the throne was located in 1975 at Ṣaqqārah, near Memphis. It remained unused, however, as Horemheb was buried in a royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings (Kings, Valley of the).

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