Gregory X, Blessed

Gregory X, Blessed

original name  Tedaldo, or Tebaldo, Visconti  
born c. 1210, Piacenza, Lombardy [Italy]
died Jan. 10, 1276, Arezzo, Tuscany; beatified Sept. 12, 1713; feast days January 28, February 4

      pope from 1271 to 1276, who reformed the assembly of cardinals that elects the pope.

      In 1270 he joined the future king Edward I of England on a crusade (Crusades) to the Holy Land. At St. Jean d'Acre in Palestine, he was notified of his election as pope; the cardinals of the conclave had been locked in a papal palace at Viterbo in the Papal States (Sept. 1, 1271). Gregory, who at the time of his selection was not even a member of the priesthood, was a compromise candidate put up to end a three-year vacancy of the Roman see that followed the death of Pope Clement IV.

      Gregory succeeded in saving the Holy Roman Empire from disintegrating by promoting the election of Rudolf I of Habsburg as emperor. At the same time, he kept the peace with King Charles I of Naples, who also had claims on the imperial throne. In return for his support, Gregory made Rudolf promise to lead a new crusade and to renounce claims on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire in Rome and the papal territories. To avoid further vacancies between pontificates, Gregory in 1274, at the 14th ecumenical council at Lyon, issued his constitution (Ubi Periculum), which for the first time officially regulated the conclave—i.e., the assembly of cardinals to elect a new pope. Through this council he initiated a new crusade and effected a degree of reunion between the Greek and Roman churches.

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