▪ earl of Wessex
also spelled Godwin
died April 15, 1053

      earl of Wessex, the most powerful man in England during the opening years of the reign of Edward the Confessor.

      Although an Anglo-Saxon, Godwine became a favourite of the Danish king of England, Canute the Great (Canute (I)), who made him earl of Wessex about 1018. In the disputes over the succession that followed the death of Canute, Godwine was held responsible for the murder (1036) of one of the claimants to the throne, Alfred the Aetheling. Godwine maintained his position, however, and went on to dominate Edward the Confessor.

      In 1045 Godwine married his daughter Edith to Edward. Nevertheless, Edward wanted to throw off Godwine's influence so that he would be free to fill his court with Norman courtiers. In 1051 he outlawed Godwine for refusing to punish the men of Dover, who had defied a Norman lord.

      Edward's pro-Norman policies, however, soon aroused widespread hostility. Seizing his opportunity, Godwine emerged from exile to join his son Harold and invade England in September 1052. The defenseless Edward was forced to restore all the possessions and offices of the Godwine family. Harold became earl of Wessex upon the death of Godwine, and in 1066 he succeeded to Edward's throne as Harold II (q.v.).

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