▪ Spanish municipal franchise
      (from Latin forum, “marketplace”), in medieval Spain, a municipal franchise conferred on a community by the crown or by a noble or bishop. It granted legal incorporation, confirmed local customs or privileges, and might include rights to taxation or self-government. The word is also applied to a code—the Liber Judiciorum of the Visigoths—known in the Middle Ages as the Fuero Juzgo. Because of the great number and variety of the medieval fueros municipales and the tenacity with which the municipalities clung to privileges granted under them, the fueros played an important part in the political, administrative, and judicial history of Spain.

      During the Christian reconquest of Spain from the Muslims (11th–15th century), the various Christian kings frequently granted special privileges and exemptions in order to provide incentives for settlers in newly conquered towns and to modify legal and administrative practice in a way that was appropriate for frontier towns dependent on the crown but far from the centre of government. Nearly 800 such fueros were granted between the 11th and 14th centuries.

      The oldest in the west is the Fuero de León (c. 1020), which contains laws applicable to the kingdom in general and to the city of León in particular. The oldest Aragonese fuero was believed to be that of Sorbrarbe (late 11th or early 12th century), though some modern scholars treat it as suspect. The Navarrese fueros were modeled on those of Aragon.

      A feature of later fueros was that some types were preferred or adopted in toto by whole regions. The earliest fueros could be short, but by the end of the 12th century they tended to be complicated documents. That of Cuenca (c. 1189) is the most elaborate of the Castilian fueros.

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