ethyl acetoacetate

ethyl acetoacetate

also called  acetoacetic ester 

      an ester widely used as an intermediate in the synthesis of many varieties of organic chemical compounds. Industrially it is employed in the manufacture of synthetic drugs (drug) and dyes (dye).

      The ester is produced chiefly by self-condensation of ethyl acetate, brought about by sodium metal. It readily forms sodium derivatives that can be alkylated and dialkylated. The resulting esters may be converted to ketones (ketone) or carboxylic acids (carboxylic acid). Ethyl acetoacetate readily enters into condensation reactions, and it has been employed in the synthesis of pyridines (pyridine), quinolines (quinoline), furans (furan), pyrazoles (pyrazole), pyrroles (pyrrole), and purines (purine).

      The pure ester is a colourless, fragrant liquid that boils with slight decomposition at 180.4 °C (356.7 °F).

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