Elvira, Council of

Elvira, Council of

▪ Christian Church council
      the first known council of the Christian church in Spain, held early in the 4th century at Elvira, near modern Granada. It is the first council of which the canons have survived, and they provide the earliest reliable information on the Spanish church. The exact date is disputed, but some scholars believe it was held either about 300–303 or in 309.

      Nineteen bishops and 24 priests, primarily from southern Spain, assembled with the intention of restoring order and discipline in the church. The 81 canons that were adopted reflect the internal life and external relations of the Spanish church in the 4th century. In general, the canons were severe and imposed rigorous discipline for various sins. No reconciliation with the church was allowed for certain sins, including idolatry, repeated adultery, divorce, and incest. The punishment for lesser sins was exclusion from Holy Communion, sometimes for up to 10 years. Members of the clergy were expected to lead pure and holy lives. Subsequently, some of the canons were included in the canons of later councils, including the Council of Nicaea (325).

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