Dort, Synod of

Dort, Synod of

▪ Netherlands church assembly
      assembly of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands that met at Dort (in full Dordrecht) from Nov. 13, 1618, to May 9, 1619. The synod tried to settle disputes concerning Arminianism (q.v.). In 1610 the Dutch followers of Jacobus Arminius presented to the States General a Remonstrance in five articles that contained their theological views; thus, Dutch Arminians were also called Remonstrants (Remonstrant). They rejected the strict Calvinist doctrine of predestination, the doctrine that God elects or chooses those who will be saved. Those who opposed the Remonstrants were the Gomarists (Gomarist), the followers of Franciscus Gomarus (Gomarus, Franciscus), a Dutch theologian who upheld a rigid Calvinism and had carried on a theological controversy with Arminius.

      The synod was attended by Gomarist Dutch delegates and also by delegates from Reformed churches in Germany, Switzerland, and England. Though it originally was intended that the synod would bring agreement on the doctrine of predestination among all the Reformed churches, in practice this Dutch synod was mainly concerned with problems facing the Reformed Church of the Netherlands.

      The opening sessions dealt with a new Dutch translation of the Bible, a catechism, and the censorship of books. The synod then called upon representatives of the Remonstrants to express their beliefs. The Remonstrants refused to accept the rules established by the synod and eventually were expelled.

      The synod then studied the theology of the Remonstrants and declared that it was contrary to Scripture. The canons of Dort were produced; they discussed in detail in five sections the errors of the Remonstrants that were rejected as well as the doctrines that were affirmed. The doctrines affirmed were that predestination is not conditional on belief; that Christ did not die for all; the total depravity of man; the irresistible grace of God; and the impossibility of falling from grace. These canons of Dort, along with the Belgic Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism, remain the theological basis of the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands and of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

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