Devrient, Ludwig

Devrient, Ludwig

▪ German actor
born Dec. 15, 1784, Berlin [Germany]
died Dec. 30, 1832, Berlin

      greatest and most original actor of the Romantic period in Germany, whose temperament, characterizations, and life invite comparison with his English contemporary Edmund Kean (Kean, Edmund). Devrient's characterizations conformed to no existing school of acting and owed nothing to any previous performer.

      Born to a family of wholesale drapers, Devrient refused to work in his father's business and ran away from home several times. On one occasion he joined the army. When he decided to become an actor, he appeared under an assumed name so as not to embarrass his parents further. He served his apprenticeship with a provincial company in Thuringia, later appearing at the court theatre in Dessau, where he developed his talent for character parts. In 1809 he joined the city theatre at Breslau, where he achieved artistic maturity. When the actor and dramatist August Wilhelm Iffland (Iffland, August Wilhelm) saw him there, he was struck with his genius and helped him obtain a position with the company of the Royal Court Theatre in Berlin; Devrient made his debut there in 1814 as Franz Moor in Friedrich von Schiller's Die Räuber (The Robbers).

      In 1816 Devrient was appointed stage manager but only for comedy and was given comedy roles only. Preferring tragedy, he grew dispirited, drank heavily, and as the years passed became ill and crippled with gout. In 1828, in an appearance at the Vienna Burgtheater, he recovered his spirit and performed as of old. The last few years of his life in Berlin, however, were years of dissipation; he was only 48 years old at the time of his death. His greatest roles were Franz Moor and Shakespearean parts, including Shylock, King Lear, Richard III, and Falstaff. His nephews Karl August (Devrient, Karl August), Eduard (Devrient, Eduard), and Emil (Devrient, Emil), as well as Eduard's son Otto (Devrient, Otto) and Karl's son Max (Devrient, Max), also made important contributions to the German stage.

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