Derby, William Stanley, 6th earl of

Derby, William Stanley, 6th earl of

▪ English author and theatre patron
born 1561, London, Eng.
died Sept. 25, 1642, Lathom House, Lancashire

      English writer and patron of the theatre who has been offered by some theorists as the true author of the plays of William Shakespeare (Shakespeare, William).

      He succeeded his elder brother, Ferdinando, as the earl of Derby in 1594. Like Ferdinando (who was known as Lord Strange), he held an avid interest in the theatre and maintained a company of actors known as Derby's Men. The troupe, which should not be confused with Lord Strange's Men (who were for a brief time known as Derby's Men) performed at court in 1599–1601. It is possible that the first performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream took place at his wedding banquet in 1595.

      The case for the earl of Derby as the true author of Shakespeare's plays was first made by English archivist James Greenstreet in The Genealogist (1891–92). His and subsequent arguments for the earl were based on his involvement in theatre, his international travels, his intimacy with court life, and several poems authored by an unknown “W.S.”

Additional Reading
Abel Lefranc, Under the Mask of William Shakespeare (1988; originally published in French, 2 vol., 1918–19).

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