Columbus, Diego

Columbus, Diego

▪ Spanish explorer
Spanish  Diego Colón  
born 1479/80, Porto Santo, Madeira Islands
died February 23, 1526, Montalbán, Spain

      eldest son of Christopher Columbus (Columbus, Christopher) and viceroy of the Indies for 15 years, who spent most of his life in legal battles to secure the Columbus claims.

      When his father undertook the great voyage of discovery in 1492, Diego was made a page at the Spanish court. After his father's death in 1506, he began a long struggle to regain his father's former privileges in the Indies. Diego's marriage to María Álvarez de Toledo, niece of the duque de Alba, the cousin of King Ferdinand, worked in his favour, and in 1508 he was accredited governor of the Indies. He arrived at Santo Domingo in July 1509 and succeeded Nicolás de Ovando (Ovando, Nicolás de) in that post. Not satisfied with that assignment alone, he wanted all his father's privileges. In May 1511 he received the hereditary title of viceroy of the islands, but no mention was made of the mainland. Throughout his viceroyalty Columbus protested encroachments upon his authority, such as the formation of an audiencia (judicial and governing body) and the residencia (inspection). He made several voyages to Spain to defend his position in 1515 and 1523 but died without any final decision on his rights. In June 1536 a compromise settlement was made. His son Luis was to receive the title admiral of the Indies but would renounce all other rights in return for a perpetual annuity of 10,000 ducats, the island of Jamaica in fief, and an estate of 25 square leagues on the Isthmus of Panama with the titles of duque de Veragua and marques de Jamaica.

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