Chinese Pidgin English

Chinese Pidgin English

      a modified form of English (English language) used as a trade language between the British and the Chinese, first in Canton, China, and later in other Chinese trade centres (e.g., Shanghai). Although some scholars speculate that Chinese Pidgin English may be based on an earlier Portuguese pidgin used in Macao from the late 16th century (as evidenced by certain words seemingly derived from Portuguese rather than English), after the British established their first trading post in Canton in 1664 any Portuguese influence was minimal. Because the British found Chinese an extremely difficult language to learn and because the Chinese held the English in low esteem and therefore disdained to learn their language, Pidgin English was apparently developed in the 18th century to facilitate communication between Chinese and British traders. Its name—which is thought to be the source of the term pidgin as used in linguistics—was not documented, however, until the early 19th century. The word pidgin is believed to be a modification of the Cantonese pronunciation of the English word business, reflecting the fact that Chinese Pidgin English was principally used for business purposes. The language was also sometimes used as a common language among Chinese speakers of mutually unintelligible dialects.

      As the nature of China's trade with England changed, more Chinese people chose to learn standard English, and pidgin became negatively associated with interactions between foreigners and their Chinese servants. Chinese Pidgin English thus lost its prestige and, increasingly, its usefulness and died out by the mid-20th century. Although the language is no longer spoken, some creolists claim that Chinese Pidgin English is the variety from which several Pacific pidgins developed.

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