Catherine the Great, Instruction of

Catherine the Great, Instruction of

▪ Russian political doctrine
Russian  Nakaz Yekateriny Velikoy 

      (Aug. 10 [July 30, old style], 1767), in Russian history, document prepared by Empress Catherine II that recommended liberal, humanitarian political theories for use as the basis of government reform and the formulation of a new legal code. The Instruction was written as a guide for a legislative commission that was intended to consider internal reforms and to devise a new code of laws.

      The Instruction generally favoured the creation of a society of free individuals acting in accordance with the law. It maintained that all men should be considered equal before the law; that law should protect the populace, not oppress it; and that law should forbid only acts directly harmful to an individual or the community, leaving the people free to do anything not forbidden. It disapproved of capital punishment, torture, and the perpetuation of serfdom. But it also upheld the principle of absolutism in government, insisting that all political power was derived from the autocrat, who was subject to no law.

      The Instruction had little impact within Russia. When the legislative commission adjourned (December 1768), it had neither prepared a legal code nor agreed upon measures for restructuring the government; and Catherine made no further efforts to create legislation to implement her principles. The Instruction did serve, however, as a major stimulus to Russian political thought.

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