Bryennius, Nicephorus

Bryennius, Nicephorus

▪ Byzantine statesman and historian
also spelled  Nikephoros Bryennios 
born c. 1064 or c. 1080, Adrianople, Byzantine Empire
died c. 1137, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]

      Byzantine soldier, statesman, and historian who wrote a history of the imperial Comnenus family.

      A favourite of the emperor Alexius I Comnenus, who gave him the title of caesar, Bryennius assisted Alexius in dealing with Godfrey of Bouillon, the leader of the First Crusade (Crusades), by successfully defending Constantinople against him (1097). He conducted the peace negotiations between Alexius and Bohemond, prince of Antioch (1108), and played an important part in the defeat of Malik-Shāh, Seljuq sultan of Iconium (1116). About 1097 he married Anna Comnena, historian and daughter of the emperor. In 1118 the empress Irene and Anna tried unsuccessfully to have him named successor to Alexius I. At the suggestion of his mother-in-law, he wrote the chronicle (“Materials for a History”) of the Comnenus family in the 11th century, particularly during the years 1070–79. In addition to information derived from older contemporaries such as his father and his father-in-law and from official sources, Bryennius also used the works of Michael Psellus (Psellus, Michael), Joannes Scylitzes, and Michael Attaleiates. His style is concise and simple, and his views are influenced by his intimacy with the imperial family, which at the same time afforded him unusual facilities for obtaining material.

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