Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo

German  Tierpark Berlin,  

      zoological park in Berlin, known for its extensive collection. It was opened in 1955 by the municipal government of East Berlin in response to public demand. What remained of the old Berlin zoo after the devastation of World War II was in West Berlin, inaccessible to those living in the eastern sector. The Berlin Zoo occupies a 400-acre (160-hectare) estate in the area of Friedrichsfelde.

      The Berlin Zoo has rapidly developed one of the world's largest animal collections, maintaining more than 5,350 specimens of about 885 species. A notable feature is the Alfred Brehm Animal House, one of the largest zoo buildings in the world. This structure houses a huge aviary containing hundreds of species of birds. The aviary is flanked by cages of wild cats and by terrariums of lizards and snakes, and the whole is overgrown by exotic tropical vegetation. The zoo also has unusually large natural, open-air enclosures for bison, camels, llama, and other ungulates, as well as for polar bears.

      The Berlin Zoo publishes the scientific journals Der zoologische Garten (“The Zoological Garden”) and Beiträge zur Vogelkunde (“Contributions to Ornithology”), as well as the lay-oriented Milu.

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