Bardi Family

Bardi Family

▪ Italian family
      an aristocratic Florentine family that successfully developed its financial and banking company to become one of the most influential European business powers between 1250 and 1345.

      By coordinating its political activity with its financial interests, the Bardi became the leading Florentine merchant house. Along with many other Florentine aristocratic families, their power was curtailed somewhat by ordinances of 1293 and 1295. Despite the loss of several estates in 1341, the family retained its prominent political position, until unwise financial ventures, including support of Edward III (king of England 1327–77) in the Hundred Years' War against France (1337–1453) and aid to Florence in a war with the rival city of Lucca, caused the bankruptcy of the Bardi's banking house in 1345. This bankruptcy provoked resounding financial repercussions in Florence and Europe and deprived the Bardi of their political power.

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