Ausonius, Decimus Magnus

Ausonius, Decimus Magnus

▪ Latin poet and rhetorician
born c. 310, , Burdigala, Gaul [now Bordeaux, France]
died c. 395, , Burdigala

      Latin poet and rhetorician interesting chiefly for his preoccupation with the provincial scene of his native Gaul.

      Ausonius taught in the famous schools of Burdigala (now Bordeaux, Fr.), first as a grammarian and then as a rhetorician, so successfully that Valentinian I called him to Trier to tutor Gratian, who, on his accession, elevated Ausonius to the prefecture of Africa, Italy, and Gaul and to the consulship in 379. After Gratian's murder, in 383, Ausonius returned to his estates on the Garonne River to cultivate literature and pursue his many friendships with eminent persons through a lively exchange of letters, often poetic epistles. Although he was a Christian, he wrote mainly in the pagan tradition, but, by the sheer volume of his preserved work, he was one of the forerunners of Christian Latin literature and of the literature of his own country. His last years were saddened by the action of his favourite and most outstanding pupil, Paulinus of Nola (Paulinus Of Nola, Saint) (later bishop and saint), in deserting literature for a life of Christian retirement. Ausonius' pleading, pained letters to Paulinus continued until his death.

      An incorrigible trifler and a victim of what he called “the poetic itch,” Ausonius left few works of any consequence. A characteristic piece of trifling is the Technopaegnion (“A Game of Art”), a set of poems in which each line ends in a monosyllable. His longest poem, on the Mosella (Moselle) River, has flashes of an almost Wordsworthian response to nature, with descriptions of the changing scenery as the river moves through the country. Ausonius produced the useful autobiographical Praefatiunculae (“Prefaces”); Eclogae, mnemonic verses on astronomy and astrology; Ordo nobilium urbium (“Order of Noble Cities”); Ludus septem sapientum (“Play of the Seven Sages”), a forerunner of the morality play; and many epigrams, including adaptations from the Greek Anthology. His sentimental fondness for old ties is seen in Parentalia, a series of poems on deceased relatives, and Professores Burdigalenses, on the professors of Burdigala; these are delightful portraits that give a valuable picture of provincial Gallic life.

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