Argall, Sir Samuel

Argall, Sir Samuel

▪ English sailor
born c. 1572, , Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng.
died c. 1626

      English sailor and adventurer who defended British colonists in North America against the French.

      Employed by the Virginia Company of London (Virginia Company), Argall was commissioned in 1609 to discover a shorter route to Virginia and to fish for sturgeon. In 1610 he was named admiral of Virginia and commissioned to expel the French from all territory granted to the English by James I. In 1613 he sailed up the Potomac River, searching for corn for the colonists, and abducted the Powhatan Indian princess Pocahontas, whom he held hostage for the return of seven English prisoners. On venturing farther northward along the coast, Argall discovered a new French settlement at St. Sauveur. He destroyed the settlement and took some French prisoners and goods to Jamestown. The council of the Virginia Company then commissioned him to destroy all French settlements south of the 46th parallel, including Port Royal (now Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia), which he captured in 1614. He returned in that year to England, where he was cleared of charges of wrongdoing in his actions against the French.

      Still in the service of the Virginia Company, Argall was elected deputy governor of the province in 1616 and ruled the colony in 1616–19 during the governor's absence. The harshness of his administration led to another inquiry and exoneration. In 1620 he was made captain of a 24-gun merchant vessel in an expedition against Algiers. He became a member of the Council for New England and was knighted in 1622. In 1625, as a member of the King's War Council, Argall commanded a fleet of 28 vessels and conducted an unsuccessful offensive against Cádiz. He died the following year, possibly at sea, but more likely in retirement.

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