Killingsworth, Edward Abel

Killingsworth, Edward Abel
▪ 2005

      American architect (b. Nov. 4, 1917, Taft, Calif.—d. July 6, 2004, Long Beach, Calif.), designed elegant modernist houses in southern California and luxury hotels in Hawaii, Indonesia, and South Korea. Shortly after forming (1953) the architectural firm of Killingsworth, Brady & Smith, Killingsworth began designing low-cost homes on small-sized lots, among them the stunning Opdahl House, which was built in Long Beach in 1958. John Entenza, editor of Arts and Architecture magazine, chose Killingsworth to participate in the Case Study Houses project to design modern cost-effective houses. He designed six houses, four of which were constructed, the best-known being Case Study House No. 25, the Eddie Frank house, which was built in 1962. This project brought Killingsworth's work to the attention of Hilton Hotels, and he designed the Kahala Hilton (now the Kahala Mandarin Oriental), which opened in Honolulu in 1964.

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