Egal, Muhammad Ibrahim

Egal, Muhammad Ibrahim
▪ 2003

      Somali politician (b. Aug. 15, 1928, Odweyne, British Somaliland Protectorate—d. May 3, 2002, Pretoria, S.Af.), as president (from 1993) of the self-proclaimed Republic of Somaliland, established an island of relative stability in the war-torn Horn of Africa but failed to win international recognition for his homeland as an independent state. In June 1960 Egal was prime minister of the newly independent Somaliland Republic, which merged five days later with the former Italian Trust Territory to form Somalia. He served as Somalia's defense minister (1960–62), education minister (1962–63), prime minister (1967–69), and ambassador to India (1976–78), although he was imprisoned twice for insurgency. When the Somali Republic collapsed in 1991, Somaliland unilaterally declared a resumption of its independent status; two years later Egal was elected president by a council of elders.

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