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  • kilometric — KILOMÉTRIC, Ă kilometrici, ce, adj. Care se referă la kilometru, de kilometru, care indică kilometri. ♢ fig. Foarte lung, interminabil. (sil. tric) [Scris şi: chilometric] – Din fr. kilométrique. Trimis de catalin caba, 09.04.2008. Sursa: DEX 98… …   Dicționar Român

  • kilometric — / metˈ/ adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑kilo …   Useful english dictionary

  • kilometric — kilometre (US kilometer) ► NOUN ▪ a metric unit of measurement equal to 1,000 metres (approximately 0.62 miles). DERIVATIVES kilometric adjective. USAGE The first pronunciation of kilometre, with the stress on the kil is considered the correct… …   English terms dictionary

  • kilometric — adjective Measured in kilometres / kilometers …   Wiktionary

  • kilométric — adj. m. (sil. tric), pl. kilo métrici; f. sg. kilométricã, pl. kilométrice …   Romanian orthography

  • Saturn kilometric radiation — is the name given to intense radio emissions coming from Saturn. These emissions produce eerie sounds, and are believed to be related to the auroras at the poles of the planet.These sounds have been monitored by the Cassini spacecraft, and are… …   Wikipedia

  • Auroral kilometric radiation — (AKR) is the intense radio radiation emitted in the acceleration zone (at a height of three times the radius of the Earth) of the polar lights. The radiation mainly comes from cyclotron radiation from electrons orbiting around the magnetic field… …   Wikipedia

  • kilometer — kilometric /kil euh me trik/, kilometrical, adj. /ki lom i teuhr, kil euh mee /, n. a unit of length, the common measure of distances equal to 1000 meters, and equivalent to 3280.8 feet or 0.621 mile. Abbr.: km Also, esp. Brit., kilometre. [1800… …   Universalium

  • Magnetosphere of Saturn — Aurorae on the south pole of Saturn as viewed by Hubble Internal field[1 …   Wikipedia

  • Cassini–Huygens — Artist s concept of Cassini s Saturn Orbit Insertion Operator NASA / ESA / ASI Mission type …   Wikipedia

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