Workingmen's Party

Workingmen's Party
First labour-oriented U.S. political party.

It was formed in Philadelphia (1828) and New York (1829) by craftsmen, skilled journeymen, and reformers who demanded a 10-hour workday, free public education, abolition of debtor imprisonment, and an end to competition from prison contract labour. Leaders included Thomas Skidmore, Fanny Wright, Robert Dale Owen, and George H. Evans, who established the Working Man's Advocate, the first labour newspaper, in 1829. Factional disputes split the party in the 1830s, and many in New York joined the reform Locofoco Party.

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▪ American political party
      first labour-oriented political organization in the United States. Established first in Philadelphia in 1828 and then in New York in 1829, the party emanated out of the concerns of craftsmen and skilled journeymen over their low social and economic status. The “Workies” pressed for universal male suffrage, equal educational opportunities, protection from debtor imprisonment and compulsory service in the militia, and greater financial security and shorter working hours.

      The Philadelphia party agitated for free public education and an end to competition from prison contract labour. The New York party, under the leadership of radical Thomas Skidmore, demanded the 10-hour working day, abolition of imprisonment for debt, and an effective mechanics' lien law for labourers on buildings. Such a law would prevent the seizure of a craftsman's tools as security for a debt. When the New York party came under the leadership of Frances Wright and Robert Dale Owen, it added a demand for universal secular education at public expense.

      Party member George Henry Evans established the Working Man's Advocate, the first labour newspaper, in 1829. The party grew rapidly, but factional disputes over doctrine and leadership split the ranks early in the 1830s. Some members formed the short-lived Equal Rights Party in 1833; others joined the reform wing—called Locofocos—of New York's Democratic Party.

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