Walton, Izaak

Walton, Izaak
born Aug. 9, 1593, Stafford, Staffordshire, Eng.
died Dec. 15, 1683, Winchester, Hampshire

English biographer and author.

A prosperous ironmonger with only a few years of schooling, he read widely, developed scholarly tastes, and associated with men of learning. A friend and fishing companion of John Donne, he contributed "An Elegie" to the posthumous publication of Donne's poetry (1633) and wrote biographies of Donne (1640), George Herbert (1670), and others. His classic The Compleat Angler (1653), a pastoral discourse on the joys and stratagems of fishing, is one of the most frequently reprinted works in English literature, most often in a revision (1676) with additions by Charles Cotton (1630–87).

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▪ English biographer

born Aug. 9, 1593, Stafford, Staffordshire, Eng.
died Dec. 15, 1683, Winchester, Hampshire
 English biographer and author of The Compleat Angler (1653), a pastoral discourse on the joys and stratagems of fishing that has been one of the most frequently reprinted books in English literature.

      After a few years of schooling, Walton was apprenticed to a kinsman in the linendrapers' trade in London, where he acquired a small shop of his own and began to prosper. Despite his modest education he read widely, developed scholarly tastes, and associated with men of learning. Walton lived and worked close to St. Dunstan's Church, and he became active in parish affairs and a friend and fishing companion of the vicar, John Donne (Donne, John). Donne died in 1631, and, when his poems were published two years later, Walton composed “An Elegie” for the volume. In 1640 he wrote The Life and Death of Dr. Donne to accompany a collection of Donne's sermons. The Life was revised and enlarged in 1658.

      During the Civil Wars, Walton, a staunch Royalist, quit London for the relative security of his native Staffordshire. After the Royalist defeat at Worcester in 1651, he took part in a successful adventure to preserve a jewel belonging to Charles II. He spent the remainder of his life reading, writing and editing, fishing, and visiting among the eminent clergymen who were his friends.

      The second of Walton's biographies, The Life of Sir Henry Wotton (provost of Eton), appeared in 1651. Two years later the work that made Walton immortal, The Compleat Angler, or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation, was published. Walton enlarged and improved the work through four subsequent editions, a quest for perfection also evident in repeated revisions of the biographies. He wrote The Life of Mr. Richard Hooker, the Elizabethan bishop, in 1665 and revised it the next year. In 1670 he issued The Life of Mr. George Herbert, the poet, and in the same year he brought out an edition containing all four lives.

      Upon the Restoration, one of Walton's Royalist friends, George Morley, was made bishop of Winchester and offered Walton residence in the bishop's palace, where he stayed for the rest of his life. His final personal revision (the fifth edition) of The Compleat Angler appeared in 1676 and included additional material written by his friend Charles Cotton. Walton published a biography of Bishop Sanderson in 1678.

      Since the late 18th century, more than 300 editions of The Compleat Angler have appeared, and the unpretentious treatise, of which Walton did not even claim authorship on its first appearance, became a household word. Many of its devotees have been fishermen, but Walton's attractive style in dialogue and description, his enthusiasm for innocent outdoor recreation, and his genial partiality for the past have lifted The Compleat Angler out of the category of handbooks into that of the pastoral. The book opens on the first day of May, as three sportsmen—Auceps the fowler, Venator the hunter, and Piscator the fisherman—compare their favoured pastimes while traveling through the English countryside along the River Lea. The discourse is enlivened by songs and poems, country folklore, recipes, anecdotes, moral meditations, quotes from the Bible and from classic literature, and lore about fishing and waterways. The central character, Piscator, is not simply a champion and expositor of the art of angling but a man of tranquil, contented temper, pious and sententious, with a relish for the pleasures of friendship, verse and song, good food, and drink.

Additional Reading
David Novarr, The Making of Walton's Lives (1958).

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