Svyatoslav I

Svyatoslav I
died 972

Grand prince of Kiev (945–72).

The greatest of the Varangian princes of early Russian history, he defeated the Khazar and other peoples in the northern Caucasus (963–965) and conquered the Bulgars (967). Hoping to found a Russo-Bulgarian empire, he refused to cede his conquest to the Byzantines until their army defeated him and forced the surrender of Balkan territory (971). He was killed in an ambush on his way back to Kiev.

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▪ prince of Kiev
also spelled  Sviatoslav , Russian in full  Svyatoslav Igorevich 
died 972

      grand prince of Kiev from 945 and the greatest of the Varangian princes of early Russo-Ukrainian history.

      He was the son of Grand Prince Igor, who was himself probably the grandson of Rurik, prince of Novgorod. Svyatoslav was the last non-Christian ruler of the Kievan state. After coming of age he began a series of bold military expeditions, leaving his mother, Olga (Olga, Saint), to manage the internal affairs of the Kievan state until her death in 969.

      The Russian Primary Chronicle (Russian Primary Chronicle, The) (Povest vremennykh let) says that Svyatoslav “sent messengers to the other lands announcing his intention to attack them.” Between 963 and 965 he defeated the Khazars along the lower Don River and the Ossetes and Circassians in the northern Caucasus; he also attacked the Volga Bulgars. In 967 he defeated the Balkan Bulgars at the behest of the Byzantines, to whom he then refused to cede his conquest. He declared his intention of establishing a Russo-Bulgarian empire with its capital at Pereyaslavets (now Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky) on the Danube River. In 971, however, his comparatively small army was defeated by a Byzantine force under the emperor John I Tzimisces, and Svyatoslav was compelled to abandon his claim to Balkan territory.

      In the spring of 972, while Svyatoslav was returning to Kievan Rus with a small retinue, he was ambushed and killed by the Pechenegs (a Turkic people) near the cataracts of the Dnieper River.

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