Shawn, Ted

Shawn, Ted
orig. Edwin Myers Shawn

born Oct. 21, 1891, Kansas City, Mo., U.S.
died Jan. 9, 1972, Orlando, Fla.

U.S. modern dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

He married Ruth St. Denis in 1914, soon after beginning his dance career. In 1915 they cofounded the Denishawn school and company to promote nonballetic dance movement; their tours brought modern dance to many parts of the U.S. for the first time. After the couple separated in 1931, the company disbanded, and Shawn established a company of male dancers for which he choreographed works that embodied a vigorous, masculine style. In 1933 he founded the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Becket, Mass., as a summer residence and theatre for his dancers. He continued to dance and choreograph into the 1960s.

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▪ American dancer
byname  of Edwin Myers Shawn  
born Oct. 21, 1891, Kansas City, Mo., U.S.
died Jan. 9, 1972, Orlando, Fla.
 innovative American modern (modern dance) dancer and cofounder of the Denishawn school and company.

      A former divinity student, Shawn was introduced to dance as therapy after an illness. Soon after beginning his dance career, he met and married Ruth St. Denis in 1914; together they founded Denishawn. Shawn taught and promoted many different ethnic and theatrical styles of dance and, with St. Denis, choreographed the Denishawn company's entire repertoire. He and St. Denis ended both their marital and their professional association in 1931, though they never divorced. From 1933 to 1940 he built a group of male dancers, for whom he choreographed numerous dances, including Labor Symphony, Olympiad, and Kinetic Molpai. By drawing from such sources as labourers' movements, dances of American Indians, and U.S. folk and popular dance, he was able to create a vigorous, masculine dance technique that greatly enhanced the attraction of dance as a career for men.

      In 1933 he founded Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival near Lee, Mass., as a summer residence and theatre for his dancers. After the group's dissolution, Shawn developed Jacob's Pillow into an internationally important dance centre. Although his own choreography was generally nonballetic, he believed that dance as a whole is composed of many valid styles and so presented ballet as well as modern and ethnic dancers at Jacob's Pillow. Shawn continued to make occasional appearances as a dancer, reviving his solos, choreographing new ones, and performing in works created for him by Myra Kinch, notably Sundered Majesty (1954), based on Shakespeare's King Lear. He also lectured extensively and wrote several books. A biography, Father of American Dance, by Walter Terry was published in 1976.

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