Jones, (Alfred) Ernest

Jones, (Alfred) Ernest
born Jan. 1, 1879, Rhosfelyn, Glamorgan, Wales
died Feb. 11, 1958, London, Eng.

Welsh psychoanalyst.

After he became a member of London's Royal College of Physicians, his interest gradually shifted to psychiatry. With Carl Gustav Jung he organized the first psychoanalytic conference (Salzburg, 1908), where he met Sigmund Freud. Jones was instrumental in introducing psychoanalysis to Britain and North America; in 1919 he founded the British Psycho-Analytical Institute, and in 1920 he founded the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis,which he edited until 1939. After the Nazi takeover of Austria, he helped the ailing Freud and his family to escape to London. His biography of Freud, entitled The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud (3 vol., 1953–57), was for many years the standard biography.

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