Chenab River

Chenab River
ancient Acesines

River, India and Pakistan.

Rising in Himachal Pradesh state in the Indian Himalayas, it flows west through southern Jammu and Kashmir state and central Punjab province, Pakistan, to unite with the Jhelum and then flow into the Sutlej, a major tributary of the Indus River. One of the "five rivers" of the Punjab, it is about 600 mi (965 km) long and the source of an extensive canal and irrigation system.

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river, Asia
      river in northwestern India and eastern Pakistan, formed by the confluence of two streams (Chandra and Bhaga) in the Punjab Himalayas in India's Himāchal Pradesh state. It flows west through Jammu and Kashmir, between the steep cliffs of the Siwālik Hills and the Lesser Himalayas, then southwest into Pakistan to its junction with the Sutlej, a tributary of the Indus. It is about 605 miles (974 km) long and feeds several irrigation canals.

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