Altgeld, John Peter

Altgeld, John Peter
born Dec. 30, 1847, Niederselters, Prussia
died March 12, 1902, Joliet, Ill., U.S.

German-born U.S. politician, governor of Illinois (1893–97).

He emigrated from Germany as a child. In the 1870s he moved to Chicago, where he accumulated a small fortune in real estate and became active in Democratic Party politics. In 1892 he won the governorship as a reformist candidate. In 1893, at the urging of Clarence Darrow and labour leaders, he granted clemency to three men convicted of complicity in the Haymarket Riot. The controversial pardon provoked an outcry from conservatives and contributed to his defeat for reelection in 1896, though Altgeld's decision later gained wide approval in judicial circles.

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▪ governor of Illinois, United States
born Dec. 30, 1847, Niederselters, Prussia [now in Germany]
died March 12, 1902, Joliet, Ill., U.S.
 reformist Democratic governor of Illinois (1893–97) known principally for his pardon (June 26, 1893) of German-American anarchists involved in the Haymarket Riot, a labour protest meeting in which seven Chicago policemen were killed at Haymarket Square on May 4, 1886.

      Altgeld's German parents immigrated to Ohio, where he was reared. In the 1870s he moved to Chicago, where he soon accumulated a small fortune in real estate. He early revealed his sympathy for the poor in a small treatise on crime, Our Penal Machinery and Its Victims (1884). He entered Democratic politics and was elected to the superior court of Cook county (1886–91). Associating himself with the public demand for reform legislation, he won his party's nomination for governor (1892) and was elected by the farm and labour vote.

      The following year he was petitioned by the noted criminal attorney Clarence Darrow, labour leaders, and others to grant clemency to three of the men convicted of complicity in the Haymarket Riot. Studying the transcript of the case, Altgeld concluded that the prisoners had not been given a fair trial on the grounds that the judge was prejudiced, the jury packed, and that to convict anyone of “constructive” conspiracy to incite to murder was a miscarriage of justice. His reasoning was hailed by labour leaders and has since gained wide credence in judicial circles. At the time, however, his decision evoked an outcry by both business and the conservative press, which branded the governor as a friend to anarchists. A year later, Altgeld's protest to President Grover Cleveland against the use of federal troops in the Pullman Strike produced further vitriolic attacks. The furor over these incidents obscured Altgeld's numerous achievements as governor, such as improvements in the penal system and child labour legislation, and led to his defeat for reelection in 1896. Upon leaving office, he returned to the practice of law in partnership with Darrow.

Additional Reading
Harry Barnard, Eagle Forgotten: The Life of John Peter Altgeld (1938, reissued 1973).

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