Achelous River

Achelous River
Longest river in Greece.

It rises in the Pindus Mountains and flows south 140 mi (220 km) to the Ionian Sea. Hydroelectric dams harness its waters at Kastraki and Kremasta. In ancient mythology, Achelous was a protean river god, who was vanquished by Hercules.

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Modern Greek  Akhelóös Potamós,  also called  Aspropótamos,  

      one of the longest rivers in Greece, rising in the Pindus Mountains of central Epirus (Ípiros) and dividing Aetolia from Acarnania. It debouches into the Ionian Sea after a course of 140 mi (220 km), mostly through gorges. Well above Agrínion two hydroelectric dams were built to harness the waters of the river and its tributaries. One is at Kastraki; the other, at Kremasta, is the highest (490 ft [150 m]) earth-fill dam in Europe. At the mouth of the river, where it is less than 2 ft deep, a number of small islands, the Ekhinádhes, have been enveloped by the silt. The name Aspropótamos (White River) is given to several other rivers in Greece, and the name Achelous appears in cult and in Greek mythology as that of the typical river god.

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