Zagros Mountains

Zagros Mountains
a mountain range in S and SW Iran, extending along parts of the borders of Turkey and Iraq. Highest peak, Zardeh Kuh, 14,912 ft. (4545 m).

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▪ mountains, Iran
 mountain range in southwestern Iran, extending northwest-southeast from the Sīrvān (Diyālā (Diyālā River)) River to Shīrāz. The Zagros range is about 550 miles (900 km) long and more than 150 miles (240 km) wide. Situated mostly in what is now Iran, it forms the extreme western boundary of the Iranian plateau, though its foothills to the north and west extend into adjacent countries.

      Composed primarily of limestone and shale, the mountain range consists of numerous parallel ridges whose highest peaks rise above 12,000 feet (3,600 metres) and have permanent snow cover. The highest point in the range is Zard Kuh, located in the middle Zagros, which reaches an elevation of 14,921 feet (4,548 metres). Passes through the mountains are used for reaching the fertile intermontane plains, which lie at elevations above 5,000 feet (1,500 metres). The rivers draining the range's western face are strong and perennial, flowing through enclosed plains or ravines. Rainfall in the region is about 40 inches (1,000 mm) annually.

      The mountains are an imposing natural barrier and have traditionally provided the boundary between cultural and political entities, including the early Mesopotamian and Median cultures, the Parthian and Roman empires, and, more recently, the Persian and Ottoman empires. The mountains and foothills that approach the range are home to a significant portion of Iran's population, including, in addition to ethnic Persians, significant numbers of Assyrian Christians, Kurds, and Turks as well as Lurs, Bakhtyārī, and Qashqāʾī tribal groups. The traditional economy is based largely on animal husbandry, and the production of high-quality rugs and carpets has long been a mainstay of the region. Large reserves of petroleum are located in or near the southwestern foothills.

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