/yel"oh wood'/, n.
1. a tree, Cladrastis lutea, of the legume family, native to the southeastern U.S., having clusters of fragrant, white flowers and wood that yields a yellow dye.
2. any of several other trees having yellowish wood or yielding a yellow substance, as Podocarpus elongatus or P. henkelii, of Africa.
3. the wood of any of these trees.
[1660-70; YELLOW + WOOD1]

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 any of about 100 species of coniferous evergreen timber trees and shrubs constituting the conifer genus Podocarpus (family Podocarpaceae). These are widely distributed in mountain forests of the Southern Hemisphere and occur as far north as Mexico, southern China, and southern Japan. Most have yellowish wood, occasionally brownish or reddish; they are often known locally as brown or black pines.

      Economically important members of the genus include the brown pine, plum pine, or yellow pine (Podocarpus elatus) of southeastern Australia; the black pine, or matai (P. spicatus), the kahikatea, or white pine (P. dacrydioides), the miro (P. ferrugineus), and the totara (P. totara), all native to New Zealand; kusamaki, or broad-leaved podocarpus (P. macrophyllus), of China and Japan; real yellowwood (P. latifolius), South African yellowwood (P. elongatus), and common, or bastard, yellowwood (P. falcatus) of southern Africa; plum-fir, or plum-fruited, yew (P. andinus) and willowleaf podocarpus, or mañío (P. salignus), of the Chilean Andes; and the yacca (P. coriaceus) of the West Indies.

      The name yellowwood also refers to a genus of flowering plants, Cladrastis, with about six species in the legume family (Fabaceae). One species, C. kentukea, grows in eastern North America, and the remaining species occur in East Asia. Plants of Cladrastis are medium-sized trees with usually smooth gray bark, deciduous pinnately compound leaves, and large pendant inflorescences of attractive white and yellow pealike flowers. Some members of the genus are cultivated as ornamental shade trees.

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