wood sorrel

wood sorrel
any of numerous plants of the genus Oxalis, esp. O. acetosella, of Eurasia, having heart-shaped, trifoliolate leaves and white, pink-veined flowers.
[1515-25; trans. of F sorrel de bois; r. woodsour, so called from sour taste of the leaves]

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 any plant of the genus Oxalis, numbering several hundred species, within the family Oxalidaceae. The name is chiefly used for O. montana, a stemless trifoliate (i.e., with three leaflets) herb native to North America from southern Canada southward to Tennessee and westward to Minnesota. It grows about 15 cm (6 inches) tall, has pink-tinted stems, and white or reddish flowers that appear from May until August.

      The name wood sorrel is sometimes inaccurately applied to sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) of the family Polygonaceae and to a West Indian begonia, Begonia acutifolia, of the family Begoniaceae.

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