/tri pan'euh soh muy"euh sis, trip'euh neuh-/, n. Pathol.
any infection caused by a trypanosome.

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 infectious disease in both humans and animals caused by certain members of the flagellate protozoa genus Trypanosoma and spread by certain bloodsucking insects.

      The genus Trypanosoma belongs to the family Trypanosomatidae, which is in the order Kinetoplastida. The life cycle of trypanosomes includes a stage spent in blood or other tissues of a vertebrate host and a stage in the gut of an invertebrate, typically a fly.

      About 20 species of Trypanosoma are known, of which only two—T. cruzi and T. brucei—cause disease in humans. Each species is responsible for a different disease. T. cruzi causes American trypanosomiasis, also called Chagas' disease (q.v.), which occurs primarily in the Central and South American tropics and is spread by the bite of insects of the family Reduviidae, also known as “kissing bugs.” The parasite multiplies in the bloodstream and may enter the heart, liver, and spleen, where it causes extensive damage. T. brucei is responsible for African trypanosomiasis, or sleeping sickness (q.v.), which occurs in equatorial Africa in two forms, both transmitted by the tse-tse fly (Glossina). East African, or Rhodesian, sleeping sickness is an acute form of the disease caused by the subspecies T. brucei rhodesiense. West African, or Gambian, trypanosomiasis is a slower-developing chronic form of the disease caused by T. brucei gambiense. Both organisms can eventually invade the brain, causing mental deterioration, coma, and death.

      Other Trypanosoma species cause economically important diseases in livestock: nagana, dourine, surra, and mal de caderas.

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