/tray"neuhr/, n.
1. a person or thing that trains.
2. a staff member on an athletic team who gives first aid and therapy to injured players.
3. a person who trains athletes; coach.
4. a person who trains racehorses or other animals for contests, shows, or performances.
5. an airplane or a simulated aircraft used in training aircrew members, esp. pilots.
[1590-1600; TRAIN + -ER1]

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      in military aviation, an airplane that is designed and used to train pilots to operate advanced aircraft effectively. The complicated modern military airplane requires a high degree of skill on the part of pilots. Military training programs commonly make use of a single-engine aircraft for primary training phases, with twin-jet trainers for transition stages.

      Primary training airplanes are generally of simplified construction, with a minimum of complicated equipment. The transition trainers are considerably more complicated. They are fast and highly maneuverable and can be fitted with a variety of complicated equipment found also in combat types.

      Training in navigation is generally given on a class basis, in which groups of students are taken aloft in a “flying classroom,” usually a twin-engined transport airplane containing a number of navigator's stations at which each student can make his own observations and computations while in the air.

      Because the use of high-speed, high-performance military airplanes for training purposes is expensive, difficult, and dangerous, a great deal of pilot and crew training is done in flight simulators (q.v.).

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