/tin"tuyp'/, n.
1. Photog. ferrotype (def. 2).
2. not on your tintype, Slang. absolutely not: Ask her again? Not on your tintype!
[1860-65, Amer.; TIN + -TYPE]

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also called  ferrotype  
 positive photograph produced by applying a collodion-nitrocellulose solution to a thin, black-enameled metal plate immediately before exposure. The tintype, introduced in the mid-19th century, was essentially a variation on the ambrotype, which was a unique image made on glass, instead of metal. Just as the ambrotype was a negative whose silver images appeared grayish white and whose dark backing made the clear areas of shadows appear dark, so the tintype, actually negative in its chemical formation, was made to appear positive by the black plate.

      In posing and lighting, the popular tintype portraits were supposed to be identical to daguerreotypes (daguerreotype); they were of the same standard sizes, and they were enclosed in similar, but usually less-expensive, cases. They did not approach the brilliancy of daguerreotypes but were popular, first among Civil War soldiers and then among immigrants and working people in general, because they were durable, easy to make, and inexpensive. Tintypes remained a kind of folk art through the 19th century and into the early 20th century and were often used by sidewalk portraitists at parks, fairs, and beaches.

Additional Reading
Stanley B. Burns, Forgotten Marriage: The Painted Tintype & the Decorative Frame, 1860–1910: A Lost Chapter in American Portraiture (1995); Floyd Rinhart, Marion Rinhart, and Robert W. Wagner, The American Tintype (1999).

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