stalling angle

stalling angle

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  • stalling angle — The angle of attack at which the flow of air over the wing begins to separate from the wing surface, resulting in a significant reduction in the lift and an increase in the drag. The lift coefficient of an airfoil is maximum at this angle and… …   Aviation dictionary

  • stalling angle — angle in which an aircraft or control over the aircraft is likely to be lost …   English contemporary dictionary

  • stalling angle — /ˈstɔlɪŋ ˌæŋgəl/ (say stawling .angguhl) noun Aeronautics the angle of attack providing maximum lift for an aircraft; below this angle the airflow becomes turbulent, leading to an abrupt loss of lift. See angle of attack. Also, stall angle …  

  • stalling angle — Aeron. See critical angle (def. 2) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Angle of attack — In this diagram, the black lines represent the flow of a fluid around a two dimensional airfoil shape. The angle α is the angle of attack. Angle of attack (AOA, α, Greek letter alpha) is a term used in fluid dynamics to describe the angle between …   Wikipedia

  • stalling speed — The basic stalling speed is the speed below which a clean aircraft of stated weight, with the engines throttled back, can no longer maintain a straight and level flight because the wing is stalling. Factors that affect the basic stalling speed… …   Aviation dictionary

  • critical angle — 1. Optics. the minimum angle of incidence beyond which total internal reflection occurs for light traveling from a medium of higher to one of lower index of refraction; the angle of incidence for which refracted rays emerge tangent to the surface …   Universalium

  • critical angle — i. The minimum angle of incidence at which a radio wave of a particular frequency can strike the ionosphere and still be reflected back to the earth. Critical angle is a function of frequency; the higher the frequency, the larger the critical… …   Aviation dictionary

  • maximum climb angle — The climb angle is the angle at which a given aircraft gains altitude. The climbing speed for the maximum climb angle is less than the best rate of climb speed and is obtained by actual flight tests. It is usually near 1.2 times the basic… …   Aviation dictionary

  • best angle-of-climb speed — The air speed at which an aircraft will gain the greatest amount of altitude for a given distance. It is less than the best rate of climb speed, and its usual value is about 1.2 times the basic stalling speed. The climb is usually carried out at… …   Aviation dictionary

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